About the Umbrella Project

The Umbrella Project is a collective started by Alastair Tatton, Andy Kerr and Stephen Thompson in 2013 to host new ventures from the same platform. Discount Suit Company and The Sun Tavern are two bars that sit under The Umbrella Project’s canopy.

All those who work for the bars embody the companies they contribute to; their matching umbrella tattoos solidify this point!





Discount Suit Company opened its doors in January 2014, in the dynamic area between Brick Lane and Liverpool Street. The bar hosts a neighbourhood feel; serving simple, classic drinks and cocktails at prices so good you have to have more than one; with the added bonus of Northern Soul sounds. The bar also pays homage to its locations heritage; maintaining the original ‘Discount Suit Company’ sign on the side of the building that has stood there since the 1950’s.

Andy Kerr, Dorian Meillan and Matt Armitage were the first line of DSC bartenders, who set the tone for the atmosphere and standard of drinks and service that is maintained to this day. Matt has since moved on from serving quality beverages to creating them, currently pursuing ‘Umbrella Brewing’ a new venture through The Umbrella Project.

Dorian was the first Bar Manager at DSC, not only did he contribute significantly in developing the first two cocktail menus, but also initially helped set up and design the space that turned into the DSC we know today. It was a sad day when we said goodbye to Dorian, who returned to the South of France to renovate his home. This brought Matt Green head first into the role as Bar Manager after working under Dorian for around eight months. Matt has since excelled in his role, producing two cocktail menus, one of which written in unison with Jake Rogers, and trying a whole new bar team. The latest menu was released in late November 2015.


The Sun Tavern was reopened by The Umbrella Project in October 2014, creating a stripped back look internally that reflected its original layout. The main objective of the concept was serving mixed drinks from classic cocktail recipes, punch bowl cocktails, premium Irish spirits and handpicked ales from local London breweries. Previously called The Sun Inn, the bar was opened by W.Wicks in 1851 and stayed within the family until the 1980’s when the bar was sold on. The great, great, great, granddaughter of W.Wicks contacted The Umbrella Project in 2014 and kindly donated a photograph of The Sun Inn from the late 19th century, which sits proudly behind the bar. Located in the centre of Bethnal Green, the relaxed atmosphere provides private areas to hire, as well as poitín tasting sessions and late night drinking.

Ciaran Ó Dubhthaigh was, and still is the main man behind the behind The Sun Tavern. Ciaran’s first acquisition was to secure the services of Jake Rogers as bar manager. Jake came to The Sun Tavern via DSC and is responsible for the first two cocktail menus. Due to a broken leg, Jake has moved from behind The Sun’s bar to work develop further projects with Alastair and Stephen. Ciaran’s adoration for high quality Irish spirits is unparalleled, and has lead him to hosting poitín tasting sessions, as well as The Sun Tavern bearing the largest range of Irish whiskey and poitín legally available.

The Umbrella Project maintains the ethos from its initial inception; to serve high quality drinks in an inviting and gratifying environment. Keep posted for new Umbrella Project unveilings in 2016.