We welcome 2019 with a cracker of a guest. Featuring Arran Burns Single Malt, and built with one eye on Burns’ Night on 25th, we’ve called it Beyond The Pond.

A warming libation to keep the blood flowing during the depths of winter, Arran Robert Burns Single Malt is paired off with dark rum, our very own sherry blend, Benedictine, and a dash of aromatic bitters.

Our whisky star for the month is single malt from the Isle of Arran distillery, celebrating the famed Scottish poet, Robert Burns. Fresh, fruity, with a hint of tart citrus, it’s a perfect celebratory dram for Burns’ Night.. as well as any other night of the year.

Yours for £6.50 as standard, it’s available for just £6 to mark DrinkUp LDN’s Scotch Whisky Weekend – running from 23rd to the 27th January to coincide with Burns’ Night itself. Tickets are available via their site.

Check out our visitor below:

Beyond The Pond – Arran Burns Single Malt | Dark Rum | Benedictine | DSC Sherry Blend | Aromatic Bitters.