Umbrella London | Ruuger Series

Ruuger Series

Umbrella Brewing teamed up with Oliver Ruuger of Studio Ruuger - makers of beautifully crafted hand made luxury umbrellas - to create a limited edition series of Ginger Beer labels.

Studio Ruuger’s umbrellas have bold graphic designs perforated into their canopies – the perforations allow light from the sky to filter through the fabric, but are small enough to prevent the passage of rainwater.

"A collaboration that honours products crafted, designed & brewed in east London"

The artwork on the limited edition labels is inspired by the perforated designs on Studio Ruuger’s umbrellas, creating a collaboration that honours products crafted, designed & brewed in east London.

If you buy an umbrella from Studio Ruuger they’ll give you a case of 24 of our own 330ml “Umbrellas” for free.

5% Vol.

Available bottled:
330ml bottles

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